We wish to welcome all guests and visitors to Holy Spirit Parish. We hope and pray that your first impressions are welcoming, prayerful and encouraging you to enrich your faith life even more deeply.  There are 3 main characteristics of the parish.  First, we are a people of prayer.  Whether Sunday Mass, daily Mass and devotions, the care we provide engaged couples for their wedding or a grieving family preparing for a funeral–PRAYER is central to who we are.  We hope you have found a prayerful home.  Second, Holy Spirit Parish is service-oriented.  It is no coincidence that because we have been so blessed in this part of the world that the Gospel call to share with those less fortunate rings loudly in our hearts.  You will find us feeding the poor in soup kitchens, making sandwiches for hungry children, preparing Christmas gifts for those who may go without.  And Third, Holy Spirit is a parish where learning about our faith is key to continuing to be a vibrant parish, knowing our history, pursuing the call of Christ to Holiness, understanding the richness of the liturgies we celebrate and becoming a well-rounded person in the faith.  In all of these you will have many opportunities to explore, serve, witness and pray with us as, together, we become the Body of Christ.

Weekend Masses

Saturday: 5:00 PM

Sunday: 8:30, 10:30 AM

Weekday Masses

Monday (communion service) 8:00 AM
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 8:00 AM
Please note: no morning masses on holidays or funeral days.


Saturdays, 4-4:30 PM, or by appointment with the pastor

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