Confirmation is one of the three sacraments of initiation.

When we are baptized, we receive – partially – the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Confirmation completes those gifts in us. With Confirmation, we are “sealed” in the Spirit.

When one is confirmed, the bishop will lay hands on the person, and then anoint them with chrism (blessed oil) reserved for just this purpose. The use of oil has a rich history in the Church: it symbolizes (in part) cleansing, healing, and strengthening. In Confirmation, we are strengthened in Christ and in our ability to live an outward Christian life.

In our diocese, young people prepare for confirmation during their freshman or sophomore years of high school. The preparation process consists of about one semester of catechetical sessions along with a retreat, sponsor sessions, and service activities. Confirmation candidates are expected to be active parishioners: attending Mass weekly, participating in regular parish youth programs such as IMPACT youth nights, and CFP from their younger years.

To enroll in our religious education program so as to prepare for Confirmation, please email Brigeete Kurtenbach here.

Informational Meetings for enrollment in Confirmation Preparation are held in August.

Confirmation Preparation Registration is closed for 2023.